Max and Mirra, Edo and Enam

The true story of Max Eitingon is still being written.  A member of Sigmund Freud’s inner circle and financial supporter of the psychoanalytic movement, he founded the Palestine Psychoanalytic Society in 1933, thereby birthing Freudian psychoanalysis in the state of Israel.  He has long been suspected of being a Soviet agent.  In a 1988 essay … Continue reading Max and Mirra, Edo and Enam

Ivanhoe and Jewish Politics

I have fond if vague memories of the 1952 film “Ivanhoe,” with Elizabeth Taylor in the role of Rebecca, and which seemed to play frequently at a nearby revival film house when I was a kid in Philadelphia.  Until a couple of weeks ago, though, I had never read Sir Walter Scott’s famous novel.  To be … Continue reading Ivanhoe and Jewish Politics

The Once and Future Jews of Dan Simmons

Science fiction writer Dan Simmons is the author of more than two dozen novels.  Not all of them are science fiction—he works in other popular genres too—but most are bestsellers, and many have won awards.  His six major sci-fi novels, beginning with the 1989 Hyperion (which won the Hugo Award), treat the classic sci-fi theme of the … Continue reading The Once and Future Jews of Dan Simmons