Robert Nathan Readthrough: Introduction

Connected with my interest in fantasy literature written by Jews, I want to do a chronological readthrough of Robert Nathan (1894-1985). This might seem an odd choice for several reasons. He’s not exactly a household name today, even among fantasy readers. And the fantasies that he produced are in a gently whimsical and satirical mode, … Continue reading Robert Nathan Readthrough: Introduction

The Pole Star of Phyllis Eisenstein

Phyllis Eisenstein, who passed away a few years ago, was the author of half a dozen well-regarded fantasy novels and numerous stories. I have read two of her books: Born to Exile, published in 1978 and comprising linked stories published earlier in the 1970s, and its 1989 sequel, In the Red Lord’s Reach. Both chronicle … Continue reading The Pole Star of Phyllis Eisenstein

Review of Mystical Perelandra

I'm glad to appear in the new issue of the Journal of Inklings Studies, where I review Lewis scholar James Como's Mystical Perelandra: My Lifelong Reading of C. S. Lewis and His Favorite Book. "I too love Perelandra, though as a Jew it cannot inhabit my faith experience anywhere so perfectly as it does Como’s. … Continue reading Review of Mystical Perelandra